Erling Söderström

25 years of international journalism

The author, recording the cocaine war during three months in the jungle with Brazilian, Peruvian and Colombian police. (Photo:Ricardo Beliel)

I work with documentary film, television and radio reportage, witring and photography for magazines.

I have worked in more than 40 countries on all continents but I am specialized on Brazil and France.

I am at ease and fluent in Swedish, French, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

This photo of me is no longer valid for passport use




Columnist from Paris.

Reportages from Brazil on ecological farming for magazine SVENSK MJÖLK and Zo'e Indian community for Swedish public radio magazine "Godmorgon Världen". Spent most of the year restoring country house in Gamleby, Sweden.


Freelance in Paris with reportage for Swedish magazines and television channel SVT "Kulturnytt".

Secret recordings for magazines and Swedish Public Radio P1 "Godmorgon Världen" from Zimbabwe.

Guide in Amazon forest and Zoé indigenous community for French TV presenter Nicolas Hulot in 90 minute production for channel TF1 séries "Ushuaia".



Campaign work in Sweden for funding action to protect isolated indigenous people. Artistic work, paintings in oil on Amazon theme. Painting and decoration assignments for French insurance brokerage company Altaprofit in Paris.

Columnist from Paris for Swedish trade union magazine TCO-tidningen.



Expedition to upper Amazon region and Zo'é indigenous people. Participant in Belem, Brazil on first international conference on isolated indigenous people. Amazon documentary film HIDDEN TRIBES aired by French/German channel ARTE.

Organizer and leader of Amazon expedition with Sky Channel and British artist Bill Baily to Matis Indians on the trail of jaguars.


Expedition organizer and leader to find traces of 22-year old Marc Beltra who disappeared nine months earlier in the "three frontiers" region where Brazil, Colombia and Peru join border on the Amazon river.


Awarded First Prize "best documentary film" at international film film festival Val'd'Isère, France in competition with productions from 13 countries. Travels and recording in Spain, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil. The film "HIDDEN TRIBES OF THE AMAZON" is aired on channel France 5 and hits a record audience.

Radio production from Amazon region for Swedish national radio Riksradion.




Director and cameraman for award-winning documentary film "THE HIDDEN TRIBES OF THE AMAZON", with Special Prize by jury at film festival JULES VERNE, selected as one of the world's best films on adventure, exploration and discovery.

Special correspondant in Brazil covering presidential election.




Reporter in BRAZIL covering expedition Ajuricaba in Amazon Forest. contact with Tsohon-Djapa and Korubo Indians. Documentary film production TRACKING SYDNEY (Image DImension) .

Reporter in COLOMBIA on paramilitary death squads and assassinations of human rights leaders (Swedish press)



Reporter/photographer/cameraman recording the Children's Peace Movement in Colombia for Swedish NGO Childrensworld. Director/cameraman recording film "The White Triangle" on cocaine traffic in Amazon. (EssentialTV, England) Special correspondent in Colombia for Swedish magazine CAFE covering serial killers and the cocaine trail.




Film director and cameraman in Amazon forest, recording "First Contact" 52 minute documentary documentary for ESSENTIALTV, broadcast by Discovery Channel at prime time over US, France 5 and National Geographics over Europe and India

Documentary film JUNGLE CLUB is awarded prize as "best foreign film" at environmental film festival at Prague.




Special correspondant Brazil, for Swedish magazines and radio, covering children's rights in Brazil.




Producer/Director Amazon forest film ''Jungle Club'' , for SVT and "Amazonie, la guerre de l'ombre" for French documentary channel Planète.

Producer/Director Amazon (''Los Civilisados'' 14' Beta SP)
Special Correspondent Zimbabwe 
photos ''Zimbabwe" (Swedish press)





Producer/Director Lappland (''Holy Light'', 13' Beta)

Director creative documentary Paris (''Dog's life'' 25', 35mm cinematographic distribution, broadcast Yle Finland, SVT Sweden, TV1 Denmark)



Cameraman Paris (Utbildningsradion: Välfärdskarusellen, Euroklick)

Director Paris (Science magazine Nova,TV2 Sweden)

Special correspondent Bosnia (Swedish national radio, and press)
covering the war
Special correspondent Israel and Palestine (Swedish press)




Freelance correspondent Paris and Brussels (TV3 Sweden)
Special correspondent Israel and Palestine (Swedish press)

Director of television documentary film in Marocco ''Death Camps in the Desert''

broadcast: in Sweden, Finland, Spain, Holland)

Cameraman Paris (Educational magazine Utbildningsradion Kanal 1, Sweden)




Producer Director documentary Mount Everest, Nepal (TV2 Sweden)  

Producer Director documentary Tibet film "FORBIDDEN FLAG" Secret mission (TV2 Sweden, MTV Finland)
Special correspondent Indonesia and East Timor (Swedish press)
Cameraman Paris (Television News, Kanal 1, Sweden)
Special correspondent Marocco (Swedish Press)



Producer Director documentary film Antarctica:Expedition to Mount Erebus with Greenpeace (TV2 Sweden, Swedish national radio and press)



News correspondant Paris (TV4 Nyheterna)
Special correspondent Burma, Thailand (Swedish press and national radio)

Producer and director documentary Burma (TV2 Sweden)




Special correspondent Roumania (Swedish television news, national radio and press)
Special correspondent Brazil (Swedish press, French photo agency Gamma)

Special correspondent Alaska (Swedish press, Finnish radio)