Under cover

 With top credentials from the Dalai  Lama, and thanks to an extensive research and field work by my colleague the French journalist Patrick Chesnet, I returned with a wide documentation of violations of human rights in Tibet on murder, starvation and inhuman tortures, combined with  forced abortions and sterilizations that were perpetrated by the Chinese against non-violent and defenceless Tibetans.


Back in Europe I worked in outrage day and night over a week to edit a rough copy of my film in time for the People's Tribunal in Strasbourg and the judgement of the Chinese invasion.

It all happened a few years before the world's cinema directors had really opened their eyes to the Tibetan tragedy.

I had cried as a child during my trip to Tibet.

I was glad, sitting in the cozy seats of the European Parlament of Strasbourg,  to see others,  crying, as they watched my film. . .

An example of the underground Tibetan resistance:
a crudely printed paper, reproduced in natural size and

passed secretly to tourists:

''Down with the Chinese imperialism.
Lovers of freedom, don't fail to give your support to Tibetans.
We owe allegiance only to his Holiness the Dalai Lama
. Tibet has never been a part of China except by conquest''