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On top of the world with the world's best alpinists. Two people died on the peak when I was at Everest base camp. The mountains have no mercy for mistakes. On picture below: Edmond Hillary at home.

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basecamp0001.JPG basecamp003.JPG basecamp004.JPG
basecamp006.JPG basecamp012.JPG basecamp13.JPG
ChoOyu002.JPG EdmondHillary1.JPG EdmondHillary2.JPG
EdmondHillary3.JPG erseverest.JPG everest2.JPG
everest6.JPG Everestavion001.JPG Everestavion002.JPG
Everestavion003.JPG Everestavion004.JPG Everestpeak003.JPG
Everestpeak008.JPG Everestpeak009.JPG Everestrail0001.JPG
Everestrail0003.JPG Everestrail003.JPG Everestrail006.JPG

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