Tsohon-Djapa Indians

Expedition Ajuricaba year 2001 discovers traces of uncontacted Indian people by air and in the forest. Possuelo's FUNAI team evicted illegal gold diggers and verified the presence of several unknown and un-contacted tribes. We also visited the Tsohon-Djapa Indian tribe.

They were already contacted by Kanamari Indians who speak almost the same language. Under the influence of the Kanamari theTsohon-Djapa have given up much of their traditional way of life but live in total dependancy of the Kanamari, working on their fields in exchange for clothes, salt and sugar.

Our visit was probably the first time they met non-indigenous people and here are the first images ever taken of their community. But the cultural influence of the external world was evident and several Tsohon-Djapas had already died from contagious illnesses in the contact with the Kanamari. .

Copyright 2001: Erling Söderström

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