To rediscover the Earth

In eleven years the JULES VERNE FESTIVAL, specialized on discovery and exploration, has acquired an international reputation.

JULES VERNE is today considered by documentary film professionals to be the most prestigious of its kind.

The world's most famous productions arrive at JULES VERNE to measure themselves in international competiton for the awards.

More than 300 documentary films from all countries have been shown to the public on the screen at the festival. Hundreds of film makers, producers, scientists, and adventurers have shared their stories and their passions with the public.

It was a great day in Paris, and a great surprise. There were so many good films competing from nine countries and recorded with full teams working with the best technical equipment.

Practically all the time I had no budget for my film, only my own camera and an obsession which carried me on over six years to finish a story about the unknown tribes.

The film is based on my personal diary during six years along the jungle trails to unknown tribes.

I take the award as a recognition of the rights of the last people who live in isolation in this world. They have no spokesman and know nothing of our festival, our laws or the strange markings we make on maps to designate their lands.

They need their rainforest, to continue living and it is our responsibility to stop destroying their world.

Erling Söderström



Documentary film 52 mn

A co-production STRIANA, France Films TV and Korubo Films

Written and directed by Erling Söderström.

Music composed by Maximilien Mathevon

Voices by (French version): Alexandre Donders, Emmanuel Barrouyer, Claire Barrouyer, Luc Gentil

Camera: Erling Söderström and Emmanuel Dupré

Edited by Eric Magriau, Anders Höög

Graphics:Nicklas Larsson

Sound mix Raphaël Devillers

Image enhancement: Jean-Marie Frémont

Production assistant: Julien Roudière

Production administrator: Christine Favre

Technique supplied by Striana, Agovision, UMT, France Audiovisuel

Archive images: Erling Söderström, Aber images

France 5 - Unité documentaires Muriel Rosé Olivier Guiton Philippe Le More Valérie Verdier-Ferré

Producers: Antoine Disle, Dagmar Barrois, Hoang Le Van with the participation of Jokanan.

Special thanks to: Sydney Possuelo, Louise Possuelo, Rieli Franciscati, Luiz Moreira, Altair Jose Algayer Alfonso Alvez, Elisabeth Andrey, Pierre-François Bertrand, Isabelle Coltier, Marie Annick Mermet, Monsieur Moncet, the Department of Isolated Indians, FUNAI; the native communities of Matis, Korubo, Tsohon-Djapa, Kanamari, Kamayura, and Le Cheval Français for the library décor at château de Grobois.

Produced with the support of Centre National de la Cinématographie

© Striana - France Films TV - Korubo Film 2002


Honorary Committee:

Buzz Aldrin

Thor Heyerdahl

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Maurice Herzog

Eric Tabarly

Admiral François Bellec

Allain Bougrain-Dubourg

Georges de Caunes

Jean-François Deniau

Jean-Yves Empereur

Jean-Louis Etienne

Brian Jones

Bertrand Piccard

Jacques Piccard

Valery Polyakov

Hubert Reeves

Philippe Taillez

Don Walsh

Jean-Jules Verne

THE JURY 2002:

Jean-Pierre JEUNET Chairman of jury and director of "Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain", "Alien, la Résurrection", "La Cité des Enfants perdus", and "Delicatessen". Award winner of four César 2002 and five Oscar nominations

ISABELLE BRISSON Journalist at le Figaro, science and medicin

GENEVIEVE RENSON Animal photographer, specialist of Africa

MARC COMIL Commanding captain of three-masted cruiser Belem

PASCAL LEE Geophysician, charged by NASA with exploration of planet Mars

PATRICK MARCHAND journalist, Photographer, working for “Plongeurs International”

JEAN-MICHEL CORILLON Documentary film maker, award winner of Best Film at Jules Verne film festival 2001