Who is Erling Söderström?


My life has been chaotic, privileged, creative, dangerous, cosmopolitan, problematic, inspiring, peaceful, traumatic, changing, rich and joyful.

Here you can see some of my work, and if you are curious to know me, you can read the story of my life behind the scenes.

Our human diversity is so immensely rich. To me the different cultures I have met in more than 80 countries are a constant source of discovery, inspiration, preoccupation and involvement.

We learn about ourselves by understanding our neighbours. If some of these works can spark new thoughts or ideas in you I am more than happy with this virtual communication.

Your friend,

Erling Söderström

I was long-haired and 19 years old 1971 in Zimbabwe as I participated in organising protest demonstrations, printing and and spreading illegal leaflets against apartheid.

Some friends were murdered and I was deported by order of the white minority government.

That was the beginning of a life-long involvement for human rights.