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I was part of the first team who made contact with the so-called "Korubo" in 1996 but that was an emergency action, they were being massacred and moved in areas far from their traditional land.

Exactly where these other communities live will rermain a secret. We should leave them alone. Let's just protect their land and their universe, the rainforest. They need the forest to survive and to live peacefully free and unknown. But they do not need us.

First Contact

Photo: Erling Söderström

Shortly after this photo was taken, the little girl on the woman's back was eaten by an anaconda.

Washmë, the girl's mother, is a "Korubo" Indian. She does not know it but she belongs to the last unknown tribe contacted in the Amazon They have been massacred by local settlers over several decades.

An international project has started to ensure their protection.