The Hidden Tribes of the Amazon

France 3 presentation of film extracts and director interview

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News desk report from April 15, year 2003

A story about the meeting of two worlds and a deadly struggle to save the last free Indian tribes from extermination.

They have been shot at, sometimes decimated by poison, but defend their land with their traditional weapons, the club.

The film has been recorded over several years on the jungle trail in the most unexplored region of the Amazon.

The FUNAI expedition team led by Sydney Possuelo makes the first contact with the feared, tribe of Korubo Indians.

They return years later to the same people at a critical moment when the Indians have killed white loggers.

On another expedition the team are the first outsiders who meet the Tsohon-Djapa Indians.

The Hidden Tribes raises poignant questions about today's invasions of Indian lands and the consequences of contact between isolated Indians and the outside world.